Ellison Lab Undergraduate Research Assistants Receive Bachelor of Science Degrees!

Congratulations to our Undergraduate Research Assistants Cheyanne Mattie (CALS), Chloe Zimmer (CALS), and Dylan Mahant (College of Letters and Science) who successfully graduated with an Undergraduate Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Cheyanne, Chloe, and Dylan (Pictured Left to Right) have been vital in the success of the lab’s many research projects in addition to creating their own as part of their “capstone” requirements.

Cheyanne Mattie (Plant Pathology and Organic Agriculture Certificate) has spent nearly two years in the Ellison Lab. Cheyanne’s primary research project “The North Central Hemp Pest Management Report). The poster and presentation illustrating the results of the survey can be found here. Cheyanne spent the better part of her time in the lab working on this project, using this opportunity to survey local growers to better understand their collective trends/needs. Cheyanne will continue her work in the Ellison Lab while taking on additional responsibilities at the Arlington Agricultural Research Station as one of their summer interns (Congratulations!). Cheyanne hopes to eventually get her Master’s degree and find a career focusing on hemp production or other enterprises that encourage sustainable agricultural practices. Cheyanne can be contacted at Mattie.Cheyanne@gmail.com.

Dylan Mahant (Data Science and Organic Agriculture Certificate) and Chloe Zimmer (Conservation Biology, Enviornmental Studies and Communication) have spent a little over a year in the Ellison lab working on a project evaluating “Enhancing Nutrient Acquisition in Aquaponic Hemp Production.” Aquaponics is a system which enables the production of both fish and herbs/vegetables in an integrated way. This work was important because it explored the idea of microbial supplementation, which could be a vital step toward expanding the variety and quality of crops grown in aquaponic production. In addition to conducting research, Dylan and Chloe worked to create resources demonstrating the importance and utility of aquaponic production and their work was highlighted in a recent interview for the Department of Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences! Dylan is planning to start an aquaponics consulting company to help people create their own aquaponics systems to grow their own fish and herbs/vegetables. Moving forward, Dylan can be contacted at DylanMahant@gmail.com.

Chloe is currently working the summer as a lifeguard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She plans to work full time this fall at a local apple orchard assisting the foreman, and hope to spend the winter season working in Colorado on a ski mountain. After that, she plans to head back into the world of sustainable agriculture and hopefully, going back to school someday! Chloe can be contacted at chloemzimmer@gmail.com.

Thank you so much all!