Congratulations to Dr. Derrick Grunwald for Recent APS Journal Publications!

Congratulations to Dr. Derrick Grunwald, Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Ellison Lab for recent journal publications in American Phytopathological Society (APS).

Dr. Grunwald’s research is focused on determining the presence and prevalence of viral and viroid diseases of hemp. This involves conducting disease surveys as well as adapting technologies to develop novel disease diagnostic tools for growers.

In collaboration with USDA-ARS, “A First Report of Tobacco Streak Virus in Cannabis sativa in New York” was published in April 2024 and is available here. Additionally, via collaboration with Colorado State University, “A Multiplex RT-PCR for the Detection of Three Viruses and One Viroid Infecting Hemp” was published in May 2024 and is available here. The method developed here offers sensitive, specific, and fast simultaneous detection of three viruses and one viroid from hemp, with the potential to contribute to large-scale pathogen-free hemp certification schemes.

For questions about this work or to speak with Dr. Grunwald, you can contact him at