Farewell and Congratulations to Sydney Stroschein

Farewell and congratulations to undergraduate research assistant Sydney Stroschein for accepting a new position as a research intern in the department of Plant Pathology at UW-Madison!

Over the last 9 months, Sydney utilized molecular techniques to perform diagnostic assays to help determine the prevalence of viral pathogens in hemp samples as well as assisted in the development of a Multiplex PCR for detection of 3 viruses (BCTV, CASAMV1, CYVAV) and one viroid (HLVd) infecting hemp.

As we wish Sydney the best in the next chapter of her young career, here are a few highlights from her time in the lab!

  • Helped in the active development of a hemp seed virome
  • Conducted a disease survey of viruses in hemp field samples – using singleplex and multiplex RT-PCR to determine which viral pathogens are infecting hemp

In her new role, Sydney will look to utilize molecular biology techniques to evaluate the mechanism underlying the effect of plant viruses on fungal pathogens. Sydney hopes to continue on in molecular biology and plant pathology PhD programs.

Moving forward, Sydney can be contacted by email at sydney.stroschein@gmail.com