Jillian Abendroth

Position title: Graduate Research Assistant (PhD)

Email: jabendroth@wisc.edu

M.S. in Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science, Auburn University
B.S. in Molecular Genetics, University of Rochester

Jill’s research interests predominantly lie in the genetics of undomesticated and nontraditional crops. In her master’s work, she utilized gas exchange and root system architecture phenotypes as parameters to perform genome-wide association (GWA) analyses in soybean. Similarly, she has also looked for suggestive genes underpinning kernel nutrient accumulation in wild barley and adaptive germination in domesticated barley. Within the Ellison lab, Jill plans to use these experiences to think about the genetic mechanisms attributing to seed trait diversity and the genetic variation conducive to the efficacy of hemp for different end uses.

Fun Fact: In high school, Jill bred and showed purebred Silver Fox rabbits on the national circuit